The initial projects of the Therapeutics Research Institute are as follows:

The Progression of Modern Therapeutics project provides info-graphics of approved drugs, sorted by therapeutic and pharmacological classes, and years of approval. Do you know how many pharmacological mechanisms have been employed against a given disease, and over what time periods drugs with the same mechanisms have been approved? Answers to these and related questions are not readily available, but these are some of the topics addressed by this project.

The Therapeutic Response Characteristics project focuses on selected therapeutic characteristics of approved drugs, such as patient responder rates and inter-patient response variabilities, sorted by therapeutic and pharmacologic classes. Did you know that a typical approved drug may have a responder rate of around 50%, ranging from less than 20% to greater than 80%? Responder rates of approved drugs are not widely known or reported, and this project seeks to develop such a database.

The Systems Therapeutics project explores specific categorical relationships, based on pharmacologic mechanisms and pathophysiologic processes, which result therapeutic effects. Initial work focuses on a diverse group of disease categories with approved drugs involving different pharmacologic classes. This project gets some of its input from the other initial projects, but also requires the development of a systems-based framework combining pharmacologic and pathophysiologic processes.